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For the benefit of everyone Luxe Hair Design has a few policies we ask our guests to read and follow:


We no longer require you to wear a mask in the salon. If you would like to wear one and prefer that your stylist did as well please just ask us and we are happy to do so.

Re-Scheduling and Cancellations

Re-scheduling or cancelling appointments at short notice (within 48 hours) leaves us with gaps which are hard to fill which directly impacts the salon and our stylists earnings. Last minute re-scheduling and cancelling will be charged at our discretion. Please see our full cancellation policy here


We may ask for a deposit of 50% of the intended value, this will be deducted from the cost of your final bill. The deposit amount is transferrable to another date if outside of our 48 hour re-scheduling and cancelling policy. In the event you cancel or re-schedule within the 48 hours you will forfeit your deposit (at our discretion) and a new deposit will need to be paid for a new booking. The decision to take deposits has not been taken lightly but due to the amount of no shows, re-scheduling and cancelling recently we have had no other choice but to protect our income.

Online Booking

When booking online a 50% deposit is required to secure the appointment, this is deducted from the price of your service. If you cancel your appointment outside of the 48 hour notice period the amount will be automatically refunded to your bank account, if you cancel without at least 48 hours notice we reserve the right to charge up to the full service amount that was booked. Full Terms & Conditions can be read when making a booking.

As appointment availability offered by the online booking system is allocated by a computer we may have to make slight changes to make the best use of stylist time. By booking online you accept it is your responsibility to make sure you have booked the correct service and are responsible for cancelling and changing as necessary. If the correct service isn’t booked we may not have the time and may have to re-schedule or adjust the service, there may be a charge for our lost time.


If you are late wherever possible we will try to carry out the full service, however so as to not impact on other clients appointment time we may have to rebook or shorten the service you are booked for. You may be charged for the full original service.

Changes To Service

If you change your mind on the service you booked please let us know beforehand as this may make a difference to our timings. For example you booked full head foils and cut and finish and decide actually it doesn’t need cutting this time. You may be charged for the appointment time taken up if you do not let us know.


All new colour clients must have a consultation before they have a colour service at the salon. This is so we can meet you, discuss what you would like in detail, talk about your options and then we can book out the correct amount of time for your appointment and give you an accurate price for the service. It also helps us to assess your hair and do any necessary testing (including allergy alert test) to see if the result you want is achievable.


If you book your appointments in advance we can’t guarantee that we may implement a price increase in the meantime. Whereas an annual price increase would suffice in the past the rising costs from our suppliers in todays economy mean we will have to review prices more regularly.

Allergy Alert Tests (AAT)

If you haven’t had your hair coloured with us before or not for over 6 months you will need to have an AAT at least 48 hours prior to any colour service. Even if you had your hair coloured many times before this is still a requirement, no exceptions.


We request that clients don’t e-mail, Facebook message or Instagram DM us if they need to cancel. The inboxes aren’t monitored all the time and we need to know changes to the diary sooner rather than later. Please call 0125266030, leave voicemail if we do not answer.

By booking an appointment at Luxe Hair Design you agree to the terms and conditions.