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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Following on from the change of restrictions on the 19th July we intend to carry on with all the same precautions as we had in place before. All staff will continue to wear a mask and we would prefer if clients continued to do so as well. Given how close we work to people we feel continuing as we have been is how the majority will feel most comfortable. We will review again after the 16th August.

**Important** If you haven’t had your hair coloured with us in the last 6 months, have had it coloured elsewhere, have coloured it yourself, have had any semi permanent make up, henna tattoos or an allergic reaction to any other colouring product or are pregnant you MUST call us to arrange a skin test at least 48 hours prior to your colouring service.

Things you should know before attending your appointment:

*If you have been thinking about having a change from normal you must let us know as we may need extra time for a restyle cut or for a different type of colour service. If you are already booked there may be nothing we can do but if you call in advance of your appointment we might be able to juggle bookings a little.  Thank you for your understanding.

*We have had to remove the use of our waiting area so please arrive on time and wait outside or in your car. (We wouldn’t want you waiting outside in the rain). If we can see you outside we’ll greet you at the door to let you in. If we can’t see you we will call your phone when we are ready for you. If you are late we may not be able to carry out your service as our timings are crucial.

*We will still be wearing masks and would prefer if clients did as well, please bring a face covering with you. We do have some in salon in the event anyone should forget.

*We will temperature check you on arrival and there will be hand sanitiser located at the entrance that you must use before entering the salon.

*Your stylist will greet you and sit you at a station, that will be your station for the duration of your appointment.

*We have re-introduced our drinks menu which are served in disposable cups. Although we had to take our magazines away we have now replaced them with digital versions, you will find a QR code at your station that you can scan on your phone and tablet and access most of the top magazines to read on your own device. You may still bring your own drinks and reading material if you wish.

*Please do not have anyone accompany you to your appointment, including babies and children. We simply do not have the room in the salon if there is more than one person to each stylist.

*We ask that where possible you pay by card only. Our card machine is contactless upto £100.

What we have done to protect us all:

*We have removed the need for a reception area by asking clients to wait outside and we will be taking payments at your seat after your appointment.

*We have placed hand sanitiser at the entrance for use on arrival and exit and positioned sanitiser on each work station and key areas around the salon

*We have installed screens as you come in through the front door, at the basin area and at key points between the work stations for extra confidence.

*We mostly only have 3 work stations in operation, the screening has created 3 protected work areas to comply with social distancing, occasionally we have a 4th station in operation which is also screened off.

*Staff will be wearing masks at all times and will be washing their hands as per guidelines from Public Health England in between every client, when they leave main salon area and take part in other tasks and more frequently throughout the day.

*Each work station (chair, glass shelf and mirror) will be sanitised after each client, all tools will be cleaned with barbicide (anti viral solution) or put in LED steriliser between each client. 

*The basin chair and sink and neck will be sanitised after every use.

*We will be using disposable towels and either disposable gown or a fresh washed gown on every client.

*More frequent cleaning of the entire salon will take place at regular intervals through the day, including door handles and light switches.

*We are appointment only, there will be no entry to the salon without an appointment. The door will be clearly marked that there is no entry.

*Our bar and waiting area is now staff only. Our toilet that is adjacent to this area remains open but we ask if it’s use can be kept to a minimum. 

*Paper towels have replaced the hand towel in toilet and can be disposed of safely in bin provided.

*Staff and clients will be temperature checked. If you feel unwell or experiencing any symptoms (new continuous cough, fever, loss of or changed taste and smell), been tested and need to isolate or been asked to isolate by track and trace cancel your appointment. Staff will also be asked to stay home and isolate for any of the same above reasons.

*We have carried out a Covid-19 risk assessment. We have looked at the whole client journey and staff journey through the salon and altered the way we do things to minimise the risk to ourselves and clients. All staff have been trained on what is now expected.

We look forward to welcoming you to Luxe Hair Design